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Poem by Terry Jones

The poem was dedicated thus: "This poem is respectfully dedicated to the Champion Nuclear Test Drill Spotter, with best wishes from Terry Jones."

They didn't want it in London

There are too many folk there (with friends),

And they couldn't go and put it near Brighton,

Because that's where they spend their week-ends.

They ruled out all places near Windsor

Where you just don't know who it offends,

And Berkshire is frightfully pretty

And so are the Downs and the Thames.

The Chilterns are too full of tourists

On whom our whole country depends,

And Kent has such lovely houses,

And it's just far too wet in the Fens.

And Henley and Sidcup and Finchley

Are all places one.... somehow .... defends....

So they thought that they'd dump it in Evesham,

Just where the rainbow ends.

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